Monday, October 9, 2017

WOW, way overdue!!!

I can't believe it's been this long overdue. I plan to try and get back on track with blogging and I am so embarrassed to even realize how far behind I had gotten. Needless to say life has been busy! I'm going to play catch up with pictures then try to just stay on top of things here and there as much as I can! 

Emily is on the swim team is is as happy as a lark!

The boy FINALLY agreed to a haircut this weekend!!!

The kids favorite place to all pile on!

Solar eclipse!!!

Thanks PopPop for the monthly art activities!!! Emily was so proud of this one especially because she did it all by herself!!!

Megan had an absolute blast running the Catch Me If You Can Race!!! It was full of obstacles mud and a giant slip and slide!

Karsten celebrated his 5th birthday in style! I will link some of the videos in another blog post because he was a hoot!

Megans finished product after working for 3 hours on her creation!

Emily's finished product after working for 3+ hours on her creation!

Me and my bestie!!!

Doing what I love teaching parents a better way!

Fun times at Southwest!!!

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Park, braces, sickness, and snuggles

We went to a park in Columbia and had a blast. The kids were great and really enjoyed being together. I'm starting to realize one of those big family things, the kids always have someone to play with! Jacob finally got his expander removed and his braces put on! Emily was sick but looks oh so sweet in this picture! And a few snuggle shots, I pretty much feel like Im an octopus making sure each one has a piece of me!

Christmas Morning

With the boys adoption being finalized in December we already had our Christmas blessing, however having their first Christmas was really special!! All the kids had an amazing morning and were so happy with their gifts! The neatest thing though was something we just enjoyed and didnt take pictures of. On Christmas Eve night after we got back from the big kids church program we gave each of the kids their new pajamas. Then the kids had all taken trips individually to the Dollar Tree to pick gifts out for one another and us. It was amazing to have the time with each one teaching about giving (they didnt get to buy anything for themselves on this trip). But on Christmas Eve night when the kids exchanged gifts they were all so gracious to one another and thankful and it was my favorite part of Christmas!! I can't wait in future years wear they can go a step further and earn the money themselves!